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VanGogh Gaming's TinyMiner & TinyTrader Free Trial Page!

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Download the Fully-Functional Free Trial Version of
TinyMiner Eve Online Mining Bot & Eve Market Bot

Don't risk your account with other programs from untrusted sources! TinyMiner is the ONLY "EVE Online Mining Bot Macro Miner" application guaranteed to be 100% safe because it's:

Microsoft Authenticode® Certified

Other "fly-by-night" Eve Mining Bots ask their users to disable the UAC (User Account Control) in order to even work! The UAC is a very important part of Windows and it helps to protect your PC so it should Never be turned off!

TinyMiner is on Facebook! Click "Like" to become a fan and gain access to our exclusive newbie friendly free guide entitled "How to make millions of ISK in EVE Online even as a complete day-one beginner in the EVE Online Universe"! Only available on our TinyMiner Facebook page below:

Harry Potter (who plays Eve Online!) says this Eve Mining Bot is just magical!

Click here to download TinyMiner & TinyTrader Free Trial Versions, they have all the functionality of the registered full versions:

The trials do a single mining Run like this while the registered versions can do as many Runs as you want. You're free to evaluate them for as long as you want. Make sure to read the fully illustrated setup tutorial and you'll be up and running in 5 minutes. Yes it's that easy! You'll be amazed at how efficiently TinyMiner will mine with your ship or rapidly transport or pickup your goods over many stargate jumps!

TinyMinerPlus does All that with two EVE clients on the Same computer at the Same time for a total Mining Extravaganza!

images/red3-bullet-013s-MintCream.gif Download TinyMiner & TinyTrader Free Trial Versions


Among the NEW goodies in the latest versions you will find:

TinyMiner Eve Online Mining Bot - EVE ONLINE BOT ISK MINER
Page: TinyMiner Eve Online Mining & Market Trading Bot - Download the Fully Functional Free Trial Version

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