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How to position the various game windows while the ship is docked inside the station or undocked in space.

Step (1) Inside the Station - Summary:

Resize your ship's "Inventory Window" (or "Mining Hold" window if you are using a venture, mining barge or exhumer!) as seen in the screenshot and place it in the lower left corner of the Eve window. Just grab its top right corner and shrink it until it matches the screenshot size as close as possible! Also click the vertical 3-dots icon in the top-right corner and uncheck "Show sidebar" to hide the index and filters columns! (Note: The "Alt-C" keyboard shortcut opens the ship's Inventory or Mining Hold window depending which one was open last!). Take a look at the picture below for an accurate representation of the ship's inventory window and possible mistakes you could make. Also note that you must repeat this process while undocked since the game remembers both positions separately (when the ship is docked or in space)!


Starting up in station, your screen should be set up like in the picture at the bottom of the page (click it to open it in Full Size for comparison!). The Neocom panel (the left sidebar with all the tool icons) should have the default width as you can see in the screenshot below (not exactly minimum width but close, just overlap your Eve window on top of the screenshot to check the correct width of the Neocom panel). When you got it just right you need to right click on the Neocom and "Lock it" in place so that you won't modify it by mistake later on. Then press "L" to open the "Locations" window and double-click your "Mining Folder" (which needs to be created if you don't already have one!). That will open it in a separate window which needs to be placed in the upper left corner of the Eve window like in the screenshot. Make sure to click on the "Label" heading to sort the bookmarks alphabetically so that the station is the first in list and following it are the mining spots bookmarks. It is important that you actually bookmark the station itself and not the empty space right outside it (right-click the station and select "Save Location")!



images/zoom.png Click to see the Full Size screenshot!

If you wish to use the "Repair Ship in Station" option then you need to resize and position the "Repair Facilities" window as shown in the screenshot above. TinyMiner will right-click on your ship, select the "Get repair quote" option, then click the "Repair All" button and press Enter to confirm the payment. This will make sure your damaged drones will start fully repaired at the beginning of each mining run.

Step (2) Undocked in Space - Summary:

When setting up the mining spots bookmarks please remember that you must not bookmark the asteroid belts directly. Instead of that just fly to each belt and bookmark a spot in space where you have as many asteroids as possible within mining range and set the default orbit distance to something like 3500m in order to always keep asteroids in range and maximize yield. In order to bookmark a spot in space just press "Ctrl-B" or you can also open the "Locations" window and click the "Add Location" button at the bottom. That will bookmark the current position of your ship in space.

If you wish to use the "Warp directly to the asteroids from bookmarks at 200km away in each belt" option then make sure all your bookmarks are made at a distance of 200km from each asteroid belt. In order to make such a bookmark you would first pick a belt and warp to it at 100km, then bookmark your current position and warp back to the station. Then warp at 100km to the spot you've just bookmarked and you will be at 200km away from the belt so bookmark your current spot again. Now TinyMiner can always warp directly to the first asteroid in the Overview thus eliminating any approach time and maximizing your profit.


Also if you plan on using combat drones for defense or mining drones for an increased yield then place the drones window on top of the ship's cargo window like in the picture below. The drones must be Unstacked inside your drone bay. Either unstack them yourself or launch them once manually and they will unstack themselves. This will not work if you only have room for one drone inside your drone bay. Rather than mining with a starter frigate do yourself a favour and get the specialized "Venture" frigate instead, it only takes 30 minutes of training and it is vastly superior to any other mining ship until you get to barges and exhumers!


Make sure the "Overview" window has a new tab called "Asteroids" which contains only asteroids (sorted by distance) to avoid targeting something else by mistake! It is very important to make the "Selected Item" window as narrow as possible in width, make it opaque (Click the vertical 3-dots icon in the top-right corner and select "Disable Light Background") and place it exactly in the top right corner of the EVE window and then put the "Overview" window underneath it. If you have any doubts here is the correct size of the "Selected Item" window in this little screenshot. Compare it with yours!


images/zoom.png Click to see the Full Size screenshot!

The setup of TinyMiner's advanced options such as "Gate Mining", "Mission Mining", "POS Mining", "Monitor Local Chat for Hostiles" and "Monitor the Directional Scanner in Wormholes" follows on the next page!

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